Unfulfilled Promises features a great love story set against the backdrop of The Great War (1914-1918).

Gül Nihal Şemsettin journeys from Turkey to London and back again to her family home in Çanakkale. Having studied medicine in London stands her in good stead when the whole of the Çanakkale Peninsula becomes embroiled in the struggle by the Allied Forces to take the land by force. Her suitors are from military backgrounds posted to her homeland from England and Australia as part of the enemy, sent to attack Turkey.

For a young Turkish woman to have an affair with an enemy soldier was enough to disgrace any respectable Turkish family; but that was only part of Gül’s dilemma….

My Dearest Boy,

You are all I have in this world; a treasure entrusted to me by God. Sadly however, all I can entrust with you is this letter. I am sure you will always wish that we had spent more time together and you will probably read it again and again. Undoubtedly you will wish that I was beside you but sadly, we have both been deprived of that joy, my angel….

…. I want to assure you that although I’m reluctantly being dragged away from you my heart will continue to beat with yours. Don’t forget that when you love someone, distances don’t matter and nothing is impossible….